WATCHERS (Watchers Trilogy, book 1)

On America’s favorite TV show, the only prize is getting out alive. Daniel is an affluent Senator’s son who has just been disowned over his gender transition. When he’s thrust out of his home and into the public spotlight, a bounty hunter targets him for a deadly reality show where Daniel teams up with a street-smart orphan. They must play to win because that’s the only way to survive The Elimination Game.

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FIGHTERS (Watchers Trilogy, book 2)

After narrowly escaping America’s most deadly game show, Sasha and Daniel are on the run from the Watchers. When Daniel is captured and thrust back into The Elimination Game, Sasha is ready to volunteer to save him… until she meets Ashley, who claims to be part of a resistance group bent on tearing down game and the whole Watcher system.

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DESTROYERS (Watchers Trilogy, book 3)

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